Sell your goods in Poland and in Germany

Registration of stores on Allegro marketplaces (Poland)
and Amazon (Germany)

Are you planning to enter the international market? It is always a challenge for you and your business.

Thanks to marketplaces, this can be made a little easier.

Today you have a choice where to start, many choose to work with marketplaces such as Allegro and Amazon.

The first is the largest marketplace on the Polish market and one of the oldest in Europe. The second is a recognized leader in international trade with millions of visitors in the Old and New Worlds.

However, it should be noted that desire is 50% of success, but it is not always enough for a successful start on these marketplaces. Our experience shows that e-merchants need help to save resources.

The marketplace in its structure is significantly different from the online store, which you can easily adapt to your needs. There are strict rules for designing product cards, and high competition forms the ratings of sellers. Even a minor mistake or inattention to one or two placed orders can turn into a crash - you will simply be lowered in the rating or your account will be blocked.

There are a lot of all kinds of instructions and rules on both Allegro and Amazon. In addition, such sites often have strict recommendations regarding the legal registration of the company to start trading, they have many warehouses and counterparties that provide delivery. It can be very difficult for a novice trader to understand all these subtleties and features.



Together with our partner, we offer to avoid the hassle of launching our store on Amazon or Allegro?

You will receive advice and support on the following issues:

  1. How to sell? What to sell? How to register a company? How to set up listings?
  2. Education. In order to achieve results in some way, you need to study, we offer training in both technical and analytical aspects.
  3. Operational support. Concluding contracts, negotiating with the marketplace, selecting and concluding contracts with delivery operators - all this removes a huge burden from customers and makes it possible to focus on business tasks.
  4. Automation. The cornerstone of marketplaces is a large flow of listings, orders, the need to constantly monitor and double-check all transactions. Without automation, with a built-in sales flow, mistakes are inevitable.

We will provide you with everything you need to start selling on these marketplaces. Minimize the risk of making mistakes in the initial stages of working on marketplaces, save time on paperwork and setting up your store on Amazon or Allegro, reduce transaction costs and personnel costs.