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What is
contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is the placement of advertisements on:

Sites of search engines Google, Yandex

Video hosting Youtube and others

Partner sites Google Adsense, Yandex YAN

Mobile applications

You pay for showing or clicking on your ad

What does it look like and where is it located
contextual advertising

Text ads on search engines

Based on the query the user has entered on the search engine page, relevant advertisements are displayed

Text-graphic ads of products with prices in search engines (Google Shoping)

Based on the query the user enters into the search engine, the most relevant products will be returned

Video, products with prices and text-graphic ads on Youtube

Based on what the user searched, what sites they visited and what they were interested in, ads are displayed when watching videos and in search results in Youtube

Text-image ads and products with prices on other sites

Based on the query the user entered in the search engine and the products they viewed on your site, the most relevant ads and products on other sites will be displayed

How we

We analyze your online store and determine the strategy of work

Define goals and promotional tools to achieve them


Setting up analytics

Set up Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica counters and install call tracking systems


We create ads

Collecting a list of keywords, backing up non-targeted queries. We coordinate the list with you. We divide the keywords into groups and write ads for each group.


We create the structure of advertising campaigns

Setting up an advertising account and loading advertising campaigns into it.


We launch an advertising campaign

Create additional links, refinements, and extensions. We set up bids and send the advertising campaign for moderation.


Analyzing and correcting the advertising company

In the first month, we conduct a weekly analysis of search queries and sites. We identify new negative keywords and non-targeted placements (websites). We control and adjust rates in order to reduce the cost of conversion. In the future, we will do this work twice a month.


We provide reports

At the end of the month, we prepare a report on the distribution of the budget and the results achieved. If necessary, we give recommendations and agree on a plan for the next month. We provide access to the advertising account so that you can see advertising campaigns in real time.

The reasons to order contextual

The target audience

Show your ad to people who already want to buy your product

Fast return

Orders can be received immediately after the launch of the advertising campaign

Great coverage

Ads can be shown on search engines, Youtube, mob. apps and other

Cost contextual advertising

For each client, the cost of contextual advertising is calculated individually.

This takes into account target keywords, target audience, as well as your business goals.

from 10 200 hrv

We will answer all your questions about the possibilities of contextual advertising and select the best format for cooperation

Order benifits from us

Own platform

If your online store is outdated, then you can create it on our platform, which is specially designed for online advertising

Low cost

Maximum optimization of advertising campaigns to reduce the cost of obtaining each order


Opening access to the advertising account. We provide reports on the work done and the status of the advertising campaign.

Questions and answers

What will determine how much I will pay for contextual advertising?

Depends on the number of product categories you will be promoting. Depends on the number of advertising tools used (search engines, Youtube, partner sites).

What is included in the cost of contextual advertising services?

The cost of contextual advertising consists of the budget for clicks (transitions) on advertisements and the cost of our work on analyzing and adjusting the advertising company

How quickly does contextual advertising start?

It usually takes 10 to 14 days from the start of the approval phase to the launch of contextual advertising.

When to expect the first results?

The first orders can be received the very next day after the launch of contextual advertising.

How much does it cost to set up Google Shoping?

We don't separate the Google Shoping setup into a separate service. Its cost is included in the cost of setting up and maintaining contextual advertising.

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