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Are you dissatisfied with your current website?

Is the design obsolete?

Is the site running very slowly?

Have the developers of the site gone missing?

You urgently need to transfer your site to the platform

What we are doing

Transferring basic SEO data

In order for the new site to maintain positions in search engines, it is necessary to transfer the basic SEO data (title, keywords, description)

Set up integration with email and TEXT services

In order for buyers and operators to receive notifications about various events on the site, it is necessary to correctly configure the integration of the platform with email and TEXT services

Set up a 301 redirect

Set up redirects from old site URLs to new ones in order to maintain the position of the site in search engines, as well as to preserve the ability of site customers to go to the old URLs of products, services and other

Save your design

If it is necessary to keep the design of your old site, then we will do it as much as it is technically possible

Transfer your products

Migrate products (and their images) from a CSV or YML file. If your site does not export products to a file, then we will parse the products from your site

Moving your catalogs structure

Let's completely repeat your directory structure on the new site

Cost website-transfer

For each client, the cost of site transfer is calculated individually.

The cost depends on the organization of the old site, on the number of products, images of products, etc.

from 12 800 hrv

We will answer all your questions about migrating your site to the platform

Frequently Asked questions

From what engines can I transfer the site?

We transfer from any CMS or ""self-written"" sites.

Will be domain saved?

Yes, you can use the same domain for the new site or set up a different one.

Can I migrate my site to platform myself?

Yes, you can use the standard product import mechaniTEXT, create catalogs, customize the site design, and more to make your site look like your old site. But remember that it is also important to comply with all search engine requirements, which can greatly affect the number of orders you receive from your site.

After the transfer, the site can be finalized and developed?

Yes, you can modify and develop your site yourself or with our help. It's also important to keep in mind that the platform is under active development and you'll have access to various new features all the time.

Will my old site work during the migration?

Yes. In the process of transferring information to a new site, our specialists do not do anything that affects the operation of your old site.

How much does it cost to migrate a site to the platform?

The cost depends on the amount of work that our specialists will perform, which is affected by the number of products of the old site, the complexity of its design, as well as the complexity of the organization of the URL system.

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