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What is
SEO promotion?

SEO promotion - is this is a set of works aimed at ensuring that the categories and products of your online store are displayed on the first page of search engines Google and Yandex. As a result, the number of visitors and orders on your site increases..

You will pay for the work on internal optimization of your site, as well as for the placement of press releases and articles for press releases and articles to increase the recognition and mention of your site.

The result of
SEO promotion

Information about categories and products

Based on the query the user enters into the search engine, the most relevant category and product pages of your online store

Extended site information

If a user enters a branded query into a search engine, your online store page is displayed with additional links to category, product, and other pages.

Online store on the map

Based on the query that the user entered in the search engine, a Google or Yandex map is displayed indicating the location and contact information of your online store

How we

We analyze your online store and determine the categories of products for promotion

Agree with you which categories to promote based on margin, demand and competitive data


Setting up analytics

Set up Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica counters and install call tracking systems


We collect the semantic core

For the agreed product categories, we collect the semantic core. Cleaning up and clustering requests.


We give recommendations on changing the structure of product categories

Based on the semantic core, we give recommendations on changing the structure of the product categories of your online store


We give recommendations for finalizing the options of products

Based on the semantic core, we give recommendations on how to create and change the parameters of the products of your online store


Filling in meta-information on the site

Based on the semantic core, we prescribe meta-information templates. For highly competitive queries, we perform manual page-by-page optimization.


We perform external website optimization

Based on the queries that we will promote, we prepare a plan for building a link profile. Let's start working on its implementation.


We analyze and adjust the company for SEO promotion

We regularly monitor the promoted pages of the site for compliance with the requirements of the chosen SEO promotion strategy. If necessary, adjust the link profile.


We provide reports

At the end of the month, we prepare a report on the work done and the achieved indicators of site traffic and received orders as a result of SEO promotion. If necessary, we make recommendations and agree on a plan for the next month.

The reasons to order SEO

The target audience

Visitors who come to your site from organic search results (not from ads) are more likely to order

Large coverage of requests

Visitors come to the site for a large number of low-frequency queries that have a higher conversion rate, but for which paid advertising is not possible

Cumulative effect

The number of product categories that are promoted is constantly increasing without increasing the budget for SEO promotion

Cost SEO promotion

For each client, the cost of SEO promotion is calculated individually..

This takes into account the competition for keywords selected for promotion.

from 18 500 hrv

We will answer all your questions about the possibilities of SEO promotion and select the best format for cooperation

Benefits of the order from us

Own platform

If your online store is outdated, then you can create it on our platform, which is specially designed for online advertising

Saving your funds

All site improvements are carried out by our specialists and do not require additional payment

Promotion transparency

Separate work budgets and external optimization costs. We provide reports on posted press releases, articles and comments

Questions and answers

What will determine how much I will pay for SEO promotion?

Depends on the number of categories that will be promoted to the top of search engines.

What is the cost of SEO promotion services?

The SEO budget consists of link building, copywriting, and internal site optimization.

Are there any guarantees?

Any guarantees in SEO promotion is a fraud and dishonest work of the company. We work progressively and provide reports on the work done and the funds spent.

When to expect the first results?

First results can be seen from the third month of promotion. To achieve significant results, you need at least 10 months of work on SEO promotion.

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