Online store of professional show equipment and musical instruments

SHOWMARKET - audio electronics online store. Design, equipment, service and installation.

We have been working on the Ukrainian market for 10 years, we are very attentive to service and convenience. We develop our project on the platform. The choice was made taking into account the following criteria: the cost of the platform and maintenance, the absence of the need to have a programmer and layout designer in the state,
simplicity and convenience of the site control panel, the availability of the ability to make changes to the design and functionality of the site.

Today we can quickly respond to the current market realities: placing a new product and launching advertising on the site takes no more than 10 minutes, integration with the 1C accounting program, creating and, very conveniently, copying a product card, creating sets makes work and purchase convenient and does not take much time.

Our online store is stable with no server crashes or other unavailability of our store.

Looking into the future, we are going to open another project on the platform, we will develop our business with the guys from

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